Oct 17, 2012

Posted in Kidd's Kids

Hear and Buy the official Kidd’s Kids 2012 song by Tim Halperin

After writing the 2011 Kidd’s Kids song “All You Got,” American Idol alum, Tim Halperin decided to do it again. Why did Tim want to write this song and donate ALL the money to Kidd’s Kids? “After going to Disney World with Kidd’s Kids last year, I wanted to write a song that reflects that experience for the kids. The song is meant to be played at high volumes and danced to, because that’s what my heroes (Kidd’s Kids) do!”

Buy the song on iTunes for $0.99 now!


  1. Misty Alberry says:

    i was wondering how i can buy the very first song for kidds kids. i dont know who sings it but all i remember is a line from the song is “I want to take you there”. I have been looking for this song on your website and on the kidds kids website. I really would love to buy this song.