The Kraddick Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) organization, founded by the late nationally syndicated morning show personality Kidd Kraddick. The foundation was founded on the premise of making a difference in the lives of children with special medical needs. The Kraddick Foundation is certified by the state of Texas and registered with the appropriate state departments of each syndicated affiliate market. Kidd Kraddick In The Morning is nationally syndicated. The radio show originates in Dallas, Texas and can be heard in over 75 markets across the country.

Over 20 years ago, due to a story on the news, Kidd Kraddick realized the power of radio. On TV, a woman was being interviewed about her car being stolen. It became clear that she didn’t care about the car nearly as much as what was inside, her 7-year-old daughter’s wheelchair. The little girl had cerebral palsy and that wheelchair was her only form of mobility. The next morning, Kidd shared the story with his on-air audience. He talked to the little girl’s mom and by the end of the show he not only raised enough money to replace the wheelchair, but had also found someone that could deliver it to the family in two days. That story, plus a few personal experiences, is what lead Kidd to start the Kraddick Foundation and begin the Kidd’s Kids program. Kidd’s dream was to gather families together going through the enormous struggle of having a child with special medical needs and treat them to a fantasy-filled vacation.
For many families with terminally ill or physically challenged children, this is a very rare opportunity to leave behind hospital and treatment centers to share laughter and fun in a magical environment. It’s the goal of the Kraddick Foundation to provide these children and families with experiences that will help change their lives.

Most recently, the Kraddick Foundation has expanded and now administers two programs. These programs include Kidd’s Kids and The Glamour Squad. Each of these programs provide services and experiences to enrich the lives of children with special medical needs.

About Kidd’s Kids
About The Glamour Squad


Kraddick Foundation Board of Directors
George Laughlin, President
Dr. Kevin Wylie, Vice-President
Leslie Gunawan, Treasurer
Kelly Reynolds, Secretary
Caroline Cradick
Dr. Jay Pond
Jerry Reynolds
Dan Sullivan
Michael Peay

Caroline Cradick, Executive Director
Lyndsay Davis, Director of Operations


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